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Indoor Games with Kids [Things to Do with Kids at Home]

When the weather isn’t cooperating or you’re simply in the mood for indoor game with kids, there are numerous activities to keep your children entertained and active at home.

Obstacle Course:

Setting up a mini obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and household items can provide hours of fun for indoor game ideas with kids. Challenge your kids to navigate through the course as quickly as possible without touching any of the obstacles.

Here are 10 ideas for creating obstacle courses you can set up for your kids:

Backyard Tire Run:

Arrange a series of old tires in a straight line or zigzag pattern for an exciting obstacle course. Have your kids run or jump through the tires as quickly as possible without touching the edges.

Hula Hoop Hop:

Lay hula hoops on the ground in a line, spaced a few feet apart. Instruct your kids to hop from one hoop to another, trying to avoid stepping outside the hoops.

Balloon Limbo:

Inflate several balloons and tie them at different heights using string. Challenge your kids to pass under the balloons without touching or popping them, adding a unique twist to the indoor game ideas with kids.

Cone Slalom:

Set up a row of cones or markers in a zigzag pattern, creating a challenging obstacle course. Your kids can weave in and out of the cones, running as fast as they can without knocking them over.

Crawl Tunnel:

Utilizing a large cardboard box or a plastic play tunnel as a crawl tunnel engages kids in an exciting activity. Place it on the ground, and have your kids crawl through it to reach the other side.

Jump Rope Challenge:

Laying a jump rope on the ground in a curved or zigzag shape adds an element of agility to the obstacle course. Your kids can jump over the rope as they move through the course. Increase the difficulty by raising the rope higher for older children.

Hopscotch Agility:

Drawing a hopscotch grid on the ground using chalk or tape and adding unique rules for each square enhances the obstacle course. For example, hopping on one foot, hopping backwards, or jumping with both feet together can make it even more engaging for indoor game ideas with kids.

Balance Beam:

Placing a sturdy board or a long piece of wood on the ground, creating a balance beam, adds a balancing challenge to the obstacle course. Your kids can practice walking along the beam without falling off.

Target Throw:

Setting up targets, such as hula hoops or buckets, at different distances for a throwing challenge adds variety to the indoor game ideas with kids. Provide your kids with soft balls or bean bags and have them throw the objects to hit the targets.

Sack Race:

Organizing a sack race with large burlap sacks or pillowcases fosters a spirit of friendly competition among kids. Mark a start and finish line, and have your kids race by hopping inside the sacks.

These obstacle course ideas encourage physical activity, coordination, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way, aligning perfectly with indoor game ideas with kids. Feel free to adapt and modify the courses based on the available space and the age and abilities of your children. Enjoy creating memorable and active moments with your kids!

Scavenger Hunt:

Engaging in a scavenger hunt by hiding various objects around the house and providing your children with clues offers an exciting adventure for indoor game ideas with kids. They’ll have a blast searching for treasures and solving riddles along the way.

Here are 10 scavenger hunt themes and items for your kids to search for, providing endless indoor game ideas with kids:

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of natural items for your kids to find, such as a pinecone, a smooth rock, a feather, a dandelion, and a four-leaf clover. This nature-themed hunt brings the outdoors inside for a unique experience.

Color Hunt:

Provide a list of colors, and have your kids search for objects that match each color. For example, find something red, something blue, something yellow, and so on. This interactive hunt encourages kids to explore their surroundings.

Animal Scavenger Hunt:

List various animals, and challenge your kids to find pictures or small figurines of those animals. Examples can include a lion, a monkey, a dolphin, and a turtle. This educational hunt sparks curiosity about the animal kingdom.

Indoor Treasure Hunt:

Hide small treasures or clues throughout the house, leading your kids to the next hidden item or clue. The final clue can lead them to a special surprise or treat, making this hunt a thrilling indoor game idea with kids.

Letter Hunt:

Create a list of letters, and have your kids search for objects that start with each letter. For example, find something that starts with the letter “A,” something that starts with the letter “B,” and so forth. This hunt combines learning and excitement.

Around the World Scavenger Hunt:

Choose different countries or continents, and have your kids find objects or pictures related to those places. For example, find something related to France, something related to Australia, and so on. This hunt encourages cultural exploration.

Shape Scavenger Hunt:

List various shapes, such as a square, a triangle, a circle, and a heart. Your kids can search for objects that match each shape or draw the shapes they find. This hunt develops shape recognition skills.

Seasonal Scavenger Hunt:

Tailor the scavenger hunt to the current season, such as fall, winter, spring, or summer. For example, in the fall, search for items like colored leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and a scarecrow. This hunt celebrates the changing seasons.

Community Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of items or places in your community for your kids to find, such as a fire station, a library, a playground, and a street sign. This hunt promotes community exploration and awareness.

Number Hunt:

Provide a list of numbers, and have your kids find objects with those numbers on them. For example, find something with the number 5, something with the number 10, and so on. This hunt combines counting and discovery.

These scavenger hunt ideas offer exciting opportunities for your kids to explore, learn, and have fun while embracing indoor game ideas with kids. Feel free to customize the hunts based on your children’s interests and the available resources. Enjoy the adventure of scavenger hunts with your kids!


Engaging in charades provides an entertaining way to spark creativity and imagination among kids. Take turns acting out different animals, professions, or movie characters while the others guess, resulting in laughter-filled indoor game ideas with kids.

Here are 10 charades ideas for your kids to act out, infusing their playtime with indoor game ideas with kids:

Animal Charades:

Act out different animals such as a lion, a monkey, a snake, or a penguin. Let your kids embrace their wild side while guessing each animal.

Sports Charades:

Mime various sports like basketball, soccer, swimming, or gymnastics. This charades variation promotes active play and a healthy lifestyle.

Movie Charades:

Act out popular movie titles like “Harry Potter,” “Frozen,” “The Lion King,” or “Toy Story.” Movie buffs will enjoy guessing the titles they love.

Action Charades:

Act out actions like running, jumping, dancing, or swimming. This active charades game gets kids moving and grooving.

Book Charades:

Mime book titles such as “The Cat in the Hat,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” or “Alice in Wonderland.” Literary lovers will have a blast guessing their favorite stories.

Emotion Charades:

Express various emotions like happiness, anger, surprise, or sadness. This charades variation encourages kids to explore their feelings through acting.

Fairy Tale Charades:

Act out well-known fairy tales such as “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” or “The Little Mermaid.” Let your kids dive into the magical world of fairy tales.

Travel Charades:

Mimic different modes of transportation like a car, an airplane, a bicycle, or a train. This charades variation takes kids on an imaginative journey.

Occupation Charades:

Pretend to be different professions, such as a doctor, a firefighter, a teacher, or a chef. This charades game introduces kids to various careers while they have fun.

Food Charades:

Pretend to eat or prepare different types of food like pizza, ice cream, spaghetti, or a hamburger. This delicious charades game combines acting and food-themed fun.

Charades is a fun and interactive game that fosters creativity, imagination, and teamwork while incorporating indoor game ideas with kids. Split into teams and take turns acting out the charade prompts while the other team guesses. Enjoy the laughter and excitement of charades with your kids!

Indoor Bowling:

Embracing indoor game ideas with kids can turn your home into a fun-filled bowling alley. Utilize empty water bottles and a softball to create an engaging bowling experience for your children.

Here are 10 indoor bowling ideas that you can set up for your kids, bringing the excitement of the lanes to your home:

Cardboard Tube Bowling:

Transform cardboard tubes, such as paper towel rolls, into bowling pins for a creative indoor game idea with kids. Arrange them in a triangular formation at one end of a hallway or open space, and use a softball as the bowling ball.

Cup Pyramid Bowling:

Stack plastic cups in a pyramid formation to craft unique bowling pins. Use a small rubber ball or a soft ball to knock down the cups. To add an educational twist, assign point values to each cup.

Bottle Bowling:

Repurpose empty plastic bottles and partially fill them with water or sand to stabilize them. Arrange them in a bowling pin configuration, and roll a ball to knock them down. This eco-friendly bowling game aligns with indoor game ideas with kids.

Indoor Sock Bowling:

Roll up pairs of socks into balls to create soft and safe bowling balls. Set up empty water bottles or plastic cups as bowling pins, and encourage your kids to aim and knock them down.

Lego Bowling:

Combine construction and play with Lego brick bowling pins. Stack the bricks to create a tower resembling bowling pins, and use a small Lego ball or a marble as the bowling ball.

Stuffed Animal Bowling:

Transform stuffed animals into imaginative bowling pins for a cuddly twist on indoor game ideas with kids. Arrange the stuffed animals in a row and use a soft ball or a beanbag as the bowling ball.

Paper Plate Bowling:

Engage your kids in a crafting activity by decorating paper plates as bowling pins. After creating the pins, stack them up and roll a soft ball to knock them down.

Tin Can Bowling:

Recycle empty tin cans to make unique bowling pins. Decorate the cans with colorful paper or paint, and arrange them in a triangular pattern. Roll a ball to knock down the cans.

Bucket Bowling:

Arrange plastic buckets at the end of a hallway or open space to create an interactive bowling setup. Roll a ball and aim to knock down the buckets in this easy-to-set-up indoor game idea with kids.

Pillow Bowling:

Convert large pillows into bowling pins for a soft and playful indoor game idea with kids. Use a soft ball or a beanbag as the bowling ball and roll it to knock down the pillows.

Indoor bowling offers a fun and active way for kids to enjoy a mini bowling experience from the comfort of their home. Adjust the setup based on the available space and materials, and relish the excitement of knocking down pins with your kids!

Balloon Volleyball:

Elevate indoor game ideas with kids by playing balloon volleyball, a delightful activity that requires minimal equipment. Inflate a balloon and create a “net” using a piece of string or tape between two chairs, allowing your kids to engage in a lively volleyball game indoors.

Here are 10 variations of balloon volleyball to keep the excitement alive during indoor game ideas with kids:

Classic Balloon Volleyball:

Erect a makeshift net using a string or a rope across a room or open space. Employ a large balloon as the volleyball and encourage your kids to volley it back and forth over the net using their hands.

Seated Balloon Volleyball:

Add an element of balance by having your kids sit on the ground or on chairs while playing balloon volleyball. This variation enhances coordination as they use their hands or feet to keep the balloon afloat.

Backwards Balloon Volleyball:

Boost the challenge by having your kids play balloon volleyball while facing away from the net. They can only use backward hits, such as hitting the balloon with their elbows or the back of their hands.

Obstacle Balloon Volleyball:

Enhance the excitement by placing obstacles like cushions, pillows, or cardboard boxes on the ground between the teams. Players must navigate around the obstacles while keeping the balloon in play during this dynamic indoor game idea with kids.

One-Bounce Balloon Volleyball:

Infuse a sense of urgency by modifying the rules to allow the balloon to bounce only once on each side before hitting it back over the net. This variation hones reflexes and adds an extra layer of engagement.

Team Balloon Volleyball:

Promote teamwork by dividing players into teams and challenging them to keep the balloon airborne. Encourage communication and coordination as they work together to prevent the balloon from touching the ground.

Giant Balloon Volleyball:

Experience a twist on the traditional game by using a larger-sized balloon or a beach ball as the volleyball. The increased size adds an element of surprise and makes it easier for younger kids to participate in this exciting indoor game idea with kids.

Balloon Tennis:

Combine elements of volleyball and tennis by using balloons and lightweight rackets or paddles. Players can hit the balloon back and forth over a net or an imaginary line, creating a unique hybrid indoor game idea with kids.

Numbered Balloon Volleyball:

Engage cognitive skills by assigning different numbers to each player or team. Before hitting the balloon, players must call out the number they intend to hit the balloon to, adding a strategic dimension to this indoor game idea with kids.

Balloon Keep-Up Challenge:

Ignite friendly competition by challenging your kids to keep the balloon aloft for as long as possible without letting it touch the ground. Set a timer and witness the excitement as they strive to keep the balloon volley going.

Balloon volleyball offers a delightful and active game that aligns with indoor game ideas with kids. Whether played indoors or outdoors, this versatile game requires minimal equipment and can be adjusted based on the players’ age and skill level. Embrace the laughter and excitement of balloon volleyball with your kids!

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